Remember that Salt-N-Pepa song that went “let’s talk about sex BA-BYYY, let’s talk about you and me”? The very second, I wrote the title of this post, this song came to mind! Let’s talk about PRI-III-CING! Let’s talk about YOU and ME”  😂

So, shall we? PRICING! After 20+ years in the design industry, I can say with certainty that the majority of people have no idea what they should be paying for design services. Totally normal of course, considering the different levels of skill and experience offered in the market.

However, what I also find is, there is a general assumption that anyone can become a designer overnight, that it’s oh-so-easy, that it does not take much effort and skills and of course my old time favourite, that running a legitimate design business (therefore the products and services you buy from me are legitimate too), has minimal to no costs and therefore hiring a professional designer is not an important investment for your business.


Becoming a designer is a quick and easy achievement (*raises eyebrow*)
I personally have spent 9 years studying so far; 3 years graphic design, 4 years web design and another 2 years of studies in total, for numerous courses such as drawing, copywriting, business strategy and development, new design software and platforms. Why? To stay up to date with the latest trends, to polish my already existing skills, to learn new skills and to find ways to better serve my customers.

Becoming a designer needs little effort & skills (*raises BOTH eyebrows*)
Add to the above my 20 years of working experience for entrepreneurs, start-ups, corporate companies, international brands, non-profit organizations, and you will get the idea of how much effort, adaptability and diverse skillset is involved. And I’m not saying two decades are needed to become a designer; to reach a sophisticated professional level though, oh-yes-it-does! But equally, you don’t finish your studies and you’re automatically a professional designer. And you most definitely don’t know how to run a legit design business.

Designers don’t have costs (*enter EVIL LAUGH*)
Well, are you a professional running a solid business, or a hobbyist that calls themselves a designer, because… you were making really nice collages when you were young? I am talking about professionals such as myself, who are indeed running a legitimate design business. Here are some of my costs and this is not an exhaustive list I assure you..

  • Equipment
  • Design software subscriptions (or in other words how ADOBE is killing me softly 😂)
  • Digital platforms to run my business smoothly
  • Marketing and advertising costs
  • Hiring other professionals
  • Learning new software & skills
  • Travel expenses

I hope the above clarifies why the price differences in the market and what to expect. Basically, it all comes down to this: Price vs Value. And what is the value here? The quality of the offering, the designer’s skillset and experience, the on-going support to get to your desired results and of course customer service! Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if you clicked with the designer you will be working with, for at least some weeks if not months 😉 


Good question! Why should you? Because if you work with me, the value I offer translates into the following for your business:

  • Instant connection with your ideal clients. Putting out into the world a business with the right branding, based on your vision, values and mission will attract people totally aligned with what you represent. Meaning no hustle persuading them you are the right choice to buy from.
  • Customer recognition. Having a professional, consistent brand is key for customer recognition. The same colours, fonts, image style, tone of voice.. All these consistent elements will result in potential clients recognizing in seconds your brand and so, when looking for a product or service like the one you offer, they will consider buying from you. 
  • Getting on top of your competition. How will you stand out from the dozens of other businesses offering the same product or service like you? With a powerful brand that will straight away help your ideal client see what it is that makes YOU different and why YOU are the obvious choice instead of your competition.
  • Trust among your audience. Great branding builds trust. Your brand is not just a look, it represents your business values and identity. If it’s an amateurish looking one, you will also look like an amateur. And no one trusts an amateur with their hard-earned cash.
  • Getting recognized for the professional that you are. You know you are good at what you do but the world doesn’t. Yet another benefit of your well-researched and professionally designed brand is to present you to the world as the great professional that you are.
  • Customer loyalty/Easier product introduction. Once you have an already established brand and loyal customers/audience, they will naturally be interested in a new product/service release, making your next launch much easier and with great sales results.
  • Effective advertising. Whether you choose print or digital or both, as your advertising outlets, having a strong brand presence is ESSENTIAL for your advertising to work successfully. And remember.. consumers will most likely choose a brand they recognize over an unfamiliar one.

So, are the above results what you want for your business too? Are you already looking to create a new brand or to revamp your existing brand identity? Well, you are at the right place lady! Designing and developing powerful, tailored to your vision brands, is what I do best!

Want to know what investment you need to make to hire me for your design project?  Get in touch and tell me all about it! I promise you, working with me, will be the best investment you’ve ever made for your business 😉 


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