Business cards have been much discussed over the past years. Are they still necessary? Does anyone look at them? Do people even keep business cards? Why would I need a business card if I have a website or social media presence?

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These are the most common questions I am asked about this important business networking tool. Well, let me tell you something… Business cards, and print advertising in general, are here to stay. Maybe print advertising is not being used as much as in previous years but make no mistake; there are still a lot of people that prefer to be looking at a magazine ad rather than a digital banner. And there are even more people that prefer to have business cards kept in their office rather than contacts saved on their phone. 

Personally, I LOVE business cards. But let me clarify.. I love WELL DESIGNED business cards! And I am one of those people that keep them in their office. Why? Because just a name and a title on my phone will not show me/remind me the vibe of the business. Their business card on the other hand will speak volumes to me in regards to their quality, attention to detail and professionalism; all of which will affect my decision to hire them or not.

Sadly, a lot of entrepreneurs make the following mistake when starting their business… They hire a designer to create an amazing logo for their new business (kudos to you for hiring a professional to design your logo!) but then, they choose the DIY route for the design of their business cards and other marketing material. Sounds familiar?

Don’t get me wrong, I understand that you need to keep your costs down when you start. I’ve been there. But the damage you do to your brand by assuming that having a great logo is all you need to create a great brand is far more costly than hiring a professional designer to create your business card and other marketing material for your brand; all of which are very important elements to building your brand’s image.

Because guess what? The first thing people see when you pass on your business card is exactly that. Your business card as a whole; not your brilliant looking logo on its own. They see your unbalanced, crowded, inconsistent with your brand style, business card.

And remember.. You only get one chance to make a great impression when giving out your business card. And with a poorly designed one, the impact is lost. Because there is a huge difference between a professionally designed business card and an amateurish looking one. And YES, IT SHOWS. Big-time!

Are you ready to invest in a professionally looking and uniquely designed business card, rather than a “one-size fits all” design template? Are you after a business card that would be aligned with your brand’s identity and would provoke conversations in networking events? Do you want a high quality business card that you would be proud to be passing on to your audience?


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